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              WELCOME ABOARD!
             Swanson Boat Company: 
        "Why settle for second best?"
                Rodger C. Swanson, Proprietor
     Drawing on 37 years of experience, Swanson Boat Company specializes in products and services for the tradition-minded oarsman.

     Our goal is to enhance your rowing experience.  Our Custom Fit
approach includes plans, design/build, oars, hardware and accessories
tailored as a unified package to best suit your needs.  Your hands-on
participation can be as little or as great as you like.  Whether you aret an
experienced or amateur boatbuilder,  we can assist you in "doing it all" yourself, or we'll do the building, fabricating and fitting out from start to any degree of completion.  All in-house boat building is done by   Walter Baron of Old Wharf Dory Company.
Please give us a call at (860)299-6502, or
                    E-mail at: rodgerswanson412@comcast.net
              Oarsman Marine Tallow
     This is our flagship product.  We are the only US producer of traditional marine tallow and have been making it for 37 years. 
     -Tallow is a superior treatment and preservative for oar leathers, gaff 
       jaw leathers and the like--essentially any full grain, smooth faced leather
       intended for marine or outdoor use.  It has wide application as a marine
       lubricant, especially for tradition-based boats and accessories.
Basic Package:  One (1) quarter-pint tin of Oarsman Marine Tallow
                        One (1) 2 oz. tin of tallow/beeswax topcoat
                         Complete instructions
ITEM # 1
Cost:  $15.00 US plus $5.95 Shipping and Handling = $20.95
                        OARSMAN ROWING PRODUCTS
             We have a variety of rowing products and services. 
             We are pleased to announce the addition of a new
product line:  Custom-turned traditional thole pins and related
items for the tradition-based rowing craft.  These are produced by:
                     WATER WITCH WOODWORKING
       A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Swanson Boat Company
                                     420 Broad Street
                                  Windsor, CT  06095
            Green's Point Thirsty Jack Hand-crafted Bilge Pump.
     Get the water out of your boat and back in the ocean where it
                Back it up with a Joe's Leather Bailer
                    and you'll be high and dry in no time!
ITEM # 2
      Bilge Pump (Pine or Cypress) $85.00 

ITEM # 3               Joe's Leather Bailer            
      Leather Bailer:  $55.00 plus $5.95 Shipping and Handling
A traditional boating item developed in the Northeast and brought back
    to life by Joe Liener.  Lathe-turned Black Locust handle, cherry
              backplate; tallow-seasoned shoulder leather scoop.
         Doesn't mar varnish or paint on your boat's interior and is
             one heck of a lot saltier (and more efficient) than the
                  UBCB (ubiquitous butchered Clorox Bottle).
                 For photos and specs, please call or e-mail me.
                  Qantity:  Most items are eligible for a discount
                         based on quantity ordered.  Please ask!
       TSCA (Traditional Small Craft Association) Membership
                                   Members qualify for
     a 5% discount on any catalogue item.  Certain rowing related
     products qualify for 10% if ordered in quantity (this changes time
     to time, so always ask!).  Just mention which TSCA chapter you
                      are a member of when placing your order.
                                      "Winner's Circle"
          If you consistently seek that "extra edge" as an addicted
     competitor in the Blackburn Challenge, Mighty Merrimac, Essex
                   River or similar races,* please mention this.
       Items purchased for race preparation (or competitive upgrade)
                                qualify for a 5% discount.
       *Any posted rowing and/or paddling event involving tradition-
           based hulls and accessories qualifies.  Which race & when
                                  is the needed information.
Any and all questions:  Please call me @:(860)299-6502; or
                  E-Mail:  rodgerswanson 412 @ comcast.net
All the best, Rodger
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