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For Swanson Boat Company design/build services, call Rodger
@ (860)299-6502 or E-Mail: RodgerSwanson412@comcast.net
For keeping up with us in (mostly) real time, please check out our
For Oarsman Marine Tallow and Oarsman Tallow Products,
call Rodger @ (860)299-6502, or
    Oarsman Marine Tallow is also carried by
       SHAW & TENNEY - 20 Water Street, Orono, ME  04473
       Call 207-866-4867 or E-Mail: info@shawandtenney.com
       - 1805 George Street, Annapolis, MD  21401
       Can order from online catalogue @ http://clcboats.com
       Or, call 410-267-0137
    Oarsman's Friend Hand Salve is also carried by
     - THE CAVE Purveyors of Cheese, Chocolate and Wine
        123 Reach Road, Brooklin, ME  04616
        Call 207-359-8008
      For Tradition-based Design/Build and Plans, Including
          Outboard Power, We Highly Recommend:
                        Walter Baron
                        Old Wharf Dory Company
                        170 Chequessett Neck Road
                        Wellfleet, MA  02677
                        Phone:  (508)349-2383
                        E-Mail: info@oldwharf.com
          "Wee Pup" 7' 10" x 3' 3" 1906 Winfield Thompson Tender
        Contact Walter Wales at P. O. Box 43 Chamberlainm, MA  04541
                             E-mail: wwales@tidewater.net.
            Price for the set and rights to build one boat is $80.00.
     These plans are superbly drafted.  If you are considering building a
       "Wee Pup" to the quality the design deserves, these plans are an
                                       essential starting point.
                                  MARINE FORGINGS
       Ship's Coye Forge (maker's of our Rigger's Knives) offers a full
           range of authentic marine forgings.  We believe them to be
           among the finest we've seen--and Med and Mo just keep
                                         getting better!
                    They are located in Lisbon, New Hampshire
They speak for themselves better than I can.  Please visit their website @
         Duckworks Magazine is a single source for just about anything
             related to boatbuilding, plans, accesories and the materials needed to make it happen.  Used by both do-it-yourselfers and professionals.
  You really have to check them out for yourself to appreciate what they have
                                                to offer.
                                Arbor Vitae Woodworking
                                   47 Hungtington Avenue
                               South Yarmouth, MA  02664
                 Besides being an outstanding hull-form, their Peapod is one of
the most nicely done boats I've seen in a good long while.  Please check  out their website.  These guys do great work!
         Justin and Ian Martin, the new owners of Adirondack Guide-Boat,
                 are continuing to produce boats truly superior                                                            in quality and performance.
       (Dave Rosen and Steve Kaulback are still active in supporting roles.)
      They're located at 6821 Route 7 South, North Ferrisburgh, VT  05473
             Phone: (802)425-3926     E-Mail:  guideboat@together.net
                      Website:  http://www.adirondack-guide-boat.com/
    I have rowed traditionally constructed guide-boats and can assure you
      that these "modern" boats perform every bit as well as the originals.
        A full range of well-thought out accessories is available, including
                                      superb oars and hardware.
       PS:  Their boats are routine winners in the Blackburn Challenge!
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