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    Our specialty is adapting tradition-based rowing designs to fit the needs of the individual customer.  We focus on assisting the oarsman in selecting the options that best enhance the enjoyment of their time on the water.
                         Savo 650D, Save 650S AND Savo 575S
                                    Kits now Available!

 Suomen Puuvenepiste Savo 650 D, Savo 650 S and 575 S are tradition- based rowboats bearing some similarities to the renowned Adirondack Guide-Boat & its cousin the St. Lawrence River Skiff.  These unique craft had their origin in Northern Finland, serving the population of a
                        water-wealthy but road-poor environment.
                 Designer/Builder Ruud van Veelen has brought them
     into the 21st Century via use of modern construction materials and
     techniques.  Coupled with his state-of-the art Poseidon Sliding
seat system, Save 650s and 575s have been turning heads and winning
                races in Scandinavian rowing circles since 2006.
              These fine craft are available on a build-to-order basis.
               Cost complete with oars and Poseidon Sliding Seat
                                Savo 650 D (double) $8,500.00
                                 Savo 650 S (single) $7,950.00
                                 Savo 575 S (single) $6,950.00            
                                       KIT BUILDERS!

                       Kits for the 575S (single) now available!
                        $1,750.00 USD + Shipping & Handling
                   Kit purchasers receive 10% off recommended
                                Poseidon Sliding Seat System*

                        Kits for the  650 Single and Double
as well as the Saajuu 470 (recreational rowboat) will be available as
                                  2015 gets under way.                              
          The Poseidon is well designed and performs beautifully.
           The dual rail system provides as much power as the more
          common monorail system with greater stability and control.
Initially developed for designs that are rowed off the gunnel, they are
also adaptable to craft that require (or would benefit from) outriggers.

     The Loiske Oars and Sarana Oarlocks designed to accompany
                              them are now available as well.
  for photographs and specifications, go to http://www.puuvenepiste.fi/
                 and for more photos and updates to Facebook:
              All questions and inquiries, contact Rodger Swanson @
                           E-mail:  rodgerswanson412@comcast.net
                                       Cell:  (860)299-6502

                                NEW PRODUCT LINE!

 Item # 4           "Jack Tar" Spar Leathering Kits

     Chuck Leinweber of Duckworks Boat Builders Supply commissioned
this line of kits.  He took his inspiration from our oar leather kits, which have been well received by his customers--ours too, for that matter : )!
The leather in each kit is 6-7 oz. top grain, vegetable tanned cow hide.
Marine tallow is included as the medium for seasoning and maintaining
the leather.

Kits include:  1 spar leather - #1 kit - 6.5 X 13 inches      $43.70
                                               #2 kit - 8 X 15 inches           49.50
                                               #3 kit - 9.5 X 16 inches        57.80
                                               #4 kit - 11 X 17 inches         62.20
                                               #5 kit - 12.75 X 18 inches    74.70
                                                     Plus shipping and handling
- 2 strands Waxed Polycord thread
-2 harness needles
- 1 nail "punch"
- 1 Oarsman Marine Tallow Basic Packet (with instructions)
- 1 flexible tape measure
- 1 hose clamp to hold panel in place while stitching
- 1 complete set of instructions

In stock and available for immediate shipment.  Note:  If you need
a larger size leather panel, please call us and we will arrange to
cut it for you. 


              We stock a range of vegetable tanned and chrome tanned
marine leather up to full hide size.  Whatever your needs (gaff jaw
leathers, etc.), please give us a call or e-mail.  In the rare event we
don't have what you need, we can usually refer you to someone who
does.  This is possible due to the help of F. H. Ebinger Company of Ipswich, MA, who supplies the leather for all of our products.

Item # 6                     SHAW & TENNEY OARS
      Quality rowing oars, as a stock item, are close to an extinct species. 
                 A notable exception are Shaw & Tenney Oars,
                           handcrafted to order in Orono, ME.

       Shaw and Tenney are the benchmark oars in the recreational
                        and tradition-based rowing venues.
     They will bring out the best in you and your boat, hands down
                                and no doubt about it.

         As these fine products are made to order, please give us
           a call so we can discuss your needs & get the oars
                       literally in your hands ASAP!

                     Call Rodger @  (860)299-6502
         or email: rodgerswanson412@comcast.net

ITEM # 7
                        Douglas Oarlocks for fixed-pitch rowing
                                  @ $58.00/pair plus shipping
ITEM # 8
           Martinoli Sleeves for adapting oars to Douglas Oarlocks
                                  @$58.00/pair plus shipping
ITEM # 11
                              Brass or Bronze "Lily Pad" Rowlocks
                                  @$225.00/pair plus shipping; and
ITEM # 12
                             Bronze or Brass "Plain" SLRS Rowlocks
                                  @$175.00/pair plus shipping
*These are specialty items.  Please call us before ordering so we can be
                       sure you are getting exactly what you want.
       As one of my colleagues pointed out, "Great!  You've got hardware!
                                What about a a boat and oars?"

                        Clint Chase (Clint Chase Boatbuilder, LLC)
              offers molds for  an excellent 15' St. Lawrence Skiff built by
                          L. E. Fry @ Clayton, NY, about 1910
                 Clint's located at 25 Deblois Street, Portland, ME 04103
            Phone:  (207)602-9587 E-Mail:  boatkits@gmail.com
                              Steve Holt @ Shaw & Tenney, Inc.
                            20 Water Street, Orono, ME  04473
              takes orders for outstanding St. Lawrence River Skiff oars
             Phone:  (207)866-4867 E-Mail:  info@shawandtenney.com
                             Website:  http://www.shawandtenney.com/
                               "Ship's Rail" Sounding Lead

Item #13 - Product description being re-written.

                             "WINNER'S CIRCLE" PRODUCTS
                                       Blackburn Oar Leather Kit
             Pete Culler-style "Old School Long Oar Leathers" 
          An ideal choice for oars rowed off standard oarlocks               
                            and oars rowed off thole pins        
                 Top grain vegetable tanned* 5 - 6 oz. beef hide
           *Vegetable or oak-tanned leather was the original material
          preferred for leathering oars.  Marine tallow was a "given" as                   
             the medium for seasoning and maintaining the leathers
            The combination was superior then and it's superior now!                      
                Kit includes  two 14" leathers, thread, needles, thonging 
                   punch,complete instructions, straps for buttons plus
                              Oarsman Marine Tallow & Topcoat
                               Basic Packet @ no extra charge
ITEM # 14                                        
                        $65.00 + $8.95 Shipping & Handling = 73.95*
    *Yes, we know, this kit "costs more" than other oar leather kits--that's
because you're getting more for your money.  Properly installed
and seasoned vegetable-tanned leather has about double the life span
                        of chrome tanned leather and latigo. 
    Rather than "wearing" with usage (as is the case for chrome tanned
and latigo-type leather), oak and vegetable-tanned leather "burnishes"
with use.  This reduces friction between the leather and the oarlock.
Lubricate the oarlock sockets with tallow, and you will experience a
smoother sustained stroke pace with less effort--plus you will triple the
life of your expensive bronze hardware.  For the serious oarsman.
 ITEM # 15                 Merrimac Oar Leather Kit              
      Same contents as Premium Kit except includes top grain chrome
         tanned 6 - 7 oz. beef hide.  Perfectly adequate, just lacks the
               "extra edge" the vegetable tanning process provides.

                       $55.00 + $8.95 Shipping & Handling = $63.95
 ITEM # 16
                                          Uitility Leather Kits
       These kits consist of two panels of 6 1/2" x 9" chrome tanned leather
                    (pre-punched on one side for ease of installation);
          two harness needles; waxed lacing; two straps for buttons, a
                     clamp for setting the buttons and instructions.
      Intended for the type of short, sturdy oars common to dinghys, tenders
                                           & harbor work skiffs.
                     $35.00 + $5.95 Shipping & Handling = $40.95

          As the only North American producer of marine tallow, we have a unique array of products for the tradition-oriented oarsperson.  These include:
    - Oarsman Marine Tallow - Traditional oar leather and oar socket
        lubricant.  See Home for Basic Packet description and pricing.
         - Other sizes/container configurations available upon request.
    - Oarsman Kitchen Tallow - Superb for seasoning and maintaining
                                       cast iron cookware
                        Also used by blacksmiths for annealing
                    Available in 4 oz. tins and 1/2 lb. containers.
ITEM # 17
                4 oz. tin* $10.00 plus $2.50 Shipping and Handling

    - Oarsman Bench Tallow - Custom tallow/beeswax formulation
                             for the boatbuilder and woodworker
                              A superior lubricant for fasteners
ITEM # 18
            $15.00 for 1/2 pint plus $5.95 Shipping and Handling = $20.95
        - Oarman's Ship's Tallow - Especially formulated to aid in the
       maintenance of larger wooden vessels for seasoning and
    lubricating wooden masts, spars, blocks, turnbuckles and gaff
                                      jaw leathers
                  Ideal for charging Sounding Leads
                  Packaged in 4 oz. tins & 2 # Containers
ITEM # 19
             $15.00 for 8 oz. tin + $3.50 Shipping = $18.50
     Price for 2# containers based on quantity and shipping charges
                                    Tins in Stock
              2 # (& larger) sizes available on special order. 
                               Please call or e-mail us.
          Currently, Oarsman's Ship's Tallow is being used in the refit
                 and upkeep of five schooners in the 65 to 85' range.
                                   COMFORT ZONE!
                               We row for pleasure, right? 
       So, why suffer from sore, aching muscles, cracked skin and
                                     blistered hands?
    - Oarsman's Friend Hand Salve -  Tallow-based skin conditioner
         developed for anyone doing a lot of literal "hands-on" activity.
               Available in 2 oz. tin:  Aloe (A); Sweet Orange (SO;
                                 Lavender (L); Sage (S); Green Tea (GT)
ITEM # 20
                         $6.00 each + $1.50 Shipping = $7.50
                       Or, order two (2) or more @ $5.00 each!
             NEW:  For Outdoor Leather Items, Especially Hiking
                                         Boots and Shoes
                                   Oarsman Bison Tallow
         Very dense, complex tallow superb for weatherproofing leather.
                              Available in 4 oz. tin with instructions.
TEM # 21            
                        $15.00 each + $3.50 Shipping = $18.50
     Payment:  We accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover, American
                             Express and most Bank Cards
                              for orders of $25.00 or more
                 Checks and Money Orders also welcome.
                        Our Location:  Windsor, Connecticut
                 Hours:  Give us a call between 8:00AM and 8:00PM
                                Monday through Saturday
               E-Mail us anytime: rodgerswanson412@comcast.net    
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